Saturday, 18 June 2011

How much is that arty in the window ??

all in the window now on display my hurry to get it all finished and on display I forgot to take detailed photos of my stuff ......Doh !!!......will take some next week....xx


  1. yay!! you look good in that window! and so does all the ARTY stuff around you!!

    so if the project is what?
    do you have another lined up? or just your OWN personal arty projects?!

    can't wait to see the close-up pic's of your finished works of art!
    (mentioned your tie-rose in my post today...)
    seeya! :]

  2. How was it sitting in the window? It all looks good.

  3. Fantastic, did anyone take you home and give you a bone? Seriously, your projects are wonderful...time to get making more of those purses/bags. I would buy one in a second. xox Corrine

  4. yes it all looks wonderful Lorna.xx

  5. Well done!!!! The display looks wonderful:)

  6. I'll take the one on the right. I like what you're up to, Lorna.
    Looks like fun!
    xoxo Kim

  7. Looks great, wish I could come shopping!

  8. How exciting. I hope it all sells to those who will apprecaite it. I am glad I found this blog of yours.