Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Getting there ......

I'm a bit behind with my posts.... .computer caught another virus and I've been frantically finishing my outfit to go on display tomorrow...will try and post in order of making here goes with first instalment.......


  1. Each photo is lovely and exciting. I'm really looking forward to the finished piece :-)

  2. This is great, look at you beavering away!

  3. Totally cool Lorna, love the pic of you! I can't wait to seethes finished. Sorry about the virus! xox Corrine

  4.'re amazing! and i LOVE that pic of you...working away in your space...

    the different buttons reminded me of a TREE i did one time...years ago...where i painted the trunk (on a sweatshirt) and the whole top of tree were sewn on buttons...all different colors & sizes...
    what the heck happened to that shirt? wish i still had it...

    i love your arty collages! can't wait to see more!

  5. Thank you I am back here in the virtual world now ......xx